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Forget the mess, and forget the stress!  The Epic Dagget Shedding Collection Brush is the clean way to reduce shedding.   Brush with the direction of hair growth, using a rocking motion at the end of the stroke to collect all loosened fur.   Do not apply hard pressue, the stainless steel teeth should never scrape against your dog's skin.


This brush is designed for long to medium length hair, shedding breeds. If you are unsure in any way whether this product is right for you and your pet, consult your vet or a qualified groomer before use.


Always do a thourough check of the health of your dog's coat and skin before use.  This brush is meant to aid in the natural, healthy shedding process and should not be used on pets with hair or skin conditions

Shedding Collection Brush - For Medium to Long Hair Shedding Dogs

  • Avoid touching the metal teeth while removing fur from the brush

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