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Welcome to Epic Dagget!

We're a company about innovation.  We're a company about quality.

We're a company named after a slang term for a hot dog!

Our Humble Beginnings

Our founder April had always been a dog lover, and her beautiful Aussie Shepherd Piper had more than stolen her heart.  Piper was loyal, playful, cuddly, and an all around amazing pet.

Piper had just one downfall.... the shedding!

She had tried every grooming tool on the market, and even paid for expensive professional groomers.  Some things would work for a day or two, but the natural shedding process would return quickly.  On top of that, brushes that were effective were incredibly messy,  causing April to dread the next grooming routine.  Brushes that were cleaner were just not effective or efficient at doing the job.  It became clear to April that any deshedding process was going to have to be both clean and efficient to properly work with Piper's natural hair cycle.  The Epic Dagget Shedding Collection Brush was born!

In 2021, our April started Epic Dagget to market her innovative brush.  What started with a pet grooming tool has grown into so much more. At Epic Dagget, we want our name to be associated with quality and trust with every product.  

Contact us!  We always love to hear from you!

Send any comments or questions to us anytime!

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